All I heard of Lana Del Rey was from blogs, or music writers, about how she sucks, how she bombed on SNL, about her plastic surgeries and how she is ‘manufactured’. etc. Then last night after seeing the Kristin Wiig skit where she does an impression of her I decided to finally watch/listen to a few things to see what they are talking about. I don’t care that she performs under an ‘alias’ - most performers do - I love the production on her music - I think it’s cool she does editing on her own videos. I like that she looks like a robot blowup doll on heroin. I dig it. Am I the only one? Her voice is bizarre and sad but I think its cool. And let’s not be naive - anyone coming out on a label has been ‘manufactured’ to some extent. It’s business. If you don’t want a team of people carefully thinking through your every move stay independent. But so what, she has lip injections - I still like her song. I’m always excited about cool new female artists - :) “I hear you like the bad girls baby - is this true?” YES I DO.